Yoonshin Park, October 1 – November 13

Yoonshin Park : Tied

ART ON ARMITAGE window gallery presents new work by Chicago based book and paper artist, Yoonshin Park as part of Chicago Artist Month 2015.
On display: the artist’s installation of abstract waterscape series “Tied”.
“Tied”, the title of the installation is a phonetic pun on the tide of the rising horizon and the paper pages bound by thread.
As the water rises and falls, pages of our daily experience add and subtract to and from our memory.
Our daily life permeates our memory just as the ink is absorbed into each page and creates new shapes and patterns onto what once was a clean slate of a blank page.

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In the News

Art on Armitage was named as the second of 5 best window galleries in Chicago by New City News in their end of year edition on Dec 22. Who knew I had competition? I certainly have been at this the longest, since 2003.